A family company since 1899

The story of Driessen Food goes far back in time. In 1899 the companny was established in Zeist, a town in the center of the Netherlands. As a poultry specialist, Christoffel Driessen daily supplied hotels and local notables with craft products. Over the past century, Driessen Food has grown into the most complete supplier with a history of craftsmanship and an entirely unique character.

From poultry specialist to wholesale supplier

In the 1970s, the basis was formed for today's Driessen Food. Henk and Wil Driessen settled in Bunnik as a poulterer and bought under the name Driessen La FlĂȘche d'Or at the Rungis market in Paris. The demand of local restaurators to bring other fresh products than French poultry arised. With the then weekly shuttle from Paris, an ever-expanding assortment of salads, herbs, mushrooms, cheeses and other delicacies was introduced. The sons Christiaan and Ronald Driessen grew up with this tradition and each of them developed their own professionalism. When the young guys took over the company in the 90s, they were able to grow the company faster with their collective skills and experience.

Driessen Food 24/7

The family business Driessen Food has grown over the past 15 years from an organization with 20 employees to 150 employees. Each product group has its own specialists and employees. With currently 3 locations (Bunnik, Utrecht and Tilburg) everything is produced independently and in-house. In 2009, seafood was added to the assortment. From 2012 we process the fish with our own fish specialists in our fish processing company in Utrecht. In addition to domestic hospitality, the international catering and foodservice has become an important market. Driessen Food continues to innovate at all fronts. In product range, technology, knowledge and service. We believe that only by this way we will be the best in what we do.

Our product groups