Focus on craftsmanship

We have a broad range of various meats. From the well known classics to distinctive cuts and origin. We source our products based on quality, origin and taste characteristics. Our higly skilled butchers provide tailormade cuts. So that it stands out for all of our customers. We work with preferred suppliers because transparency is an important factor for quality.

Ronald Driessen

Ronald Driessen

specialist meat Driessen Food

High quality meat

  • Beef from Holland, Great Britain & Ireland, Uruguay, Argentina,  Australia, USA and Japan
  • Veal from Holland, milkfed & rose
  • Pork from Holland, sustainably farmed
  • Iberico pork from Spain
  • Lamb from Holland, Great Ireland and New Zealand
  • Poultry from Holland, free range  and organic. Poultry from France, special breed.
  • Duck from Holland and France 
  • Game from Holland and other European countries

Proud of our heritage: Dutch Prime Beef

Beef from Holland is well known by its excellent quality and strict requirements in terms of animal welfare and food safety. The Dutch MRIJ is a red and white dual-purpose breed. Which means that the cow is used for both milk and the meat. The meat is very juicy and full of taste. The cattle is in fact well-muscled which adds to the specific flavour of the meat.


Since 1899 Driessen Food is a specialist in game. We work with seasonal game mainly from Holland, Great Britain, Germany, Italy, eastern Europe and the USA.

  • Pheasant & partridge
  • Wood pigeons
  • Ducks & geese
  • Rabbits & hares
  • Venison
  • Wild boar

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